Perflex Free

Thermo Acrylic Flexible Partials

Introducing Perflex Free, it is the newest and most convenient flexible partial for adding teeth, adjusting, and polishing.  It is a monomer-free elastic thermoacrylic resin that is 10 times more resilient than conventional acrylics.  It is designed to naturally blend into patients gum tissue with its translucent and natural color tone for superior aesthetics. Need to add a tooth or acrylic?  No problem with it will bond with any chairside acrylics or soft liners.  Compared to other thermoplastic partials, it is much easier to adjust and polish.  Perflex Free is a durable and permanent partial but is often used as upgrade to stayplates for those patients wanting a more aesthetic partial.  Order Perflex Free on your next partial denture case!

  • Aesthetic, blends naturally into gum tissue
  • Durable and stress resistant
  • Repairable and relineable chairside with conventional acrylics & softliners