Partial Dentures

Looking for the suitable partial dentures to help perfect your client’s smile? Look no further, as OC Cosmetic Dental Laboratory’s skilled technicians will assemble flawless partials giving your client a perfect smile and an overall comfortable experience.

Explore the partial dentures we have to offer as we feature several types suitable for everyone. We’re the partial denture lab for your office, feel free to contact us with questions at 800-696-7165 or send us a message!

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TCS® Flexible or Valplast®


TCS® Flexible partial dentures are strong durable thermoplastics that snap securely and comfortably into place around existing natural teeth.

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The Elasti-Grip Partial Dentures are a unique acrylic-based denture that utilizes soft silicone gaskets that hug around the remaining teeth.

Vitallium® 2000

Vitallium® 2000 is nickel and beryllium-free and polishes to a brilliant mirrored finish that will be readily accepted by your patients.

Perflex is a hypoallergenic thermoplastic, offering all the advantages of acrylic, with none of the drawbacks.

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No more metal wrought wires! Acrylic Temporary Partial Dentures with Clear Clasps merges in with the abutment teeth and gum tissue creating a natural looking smile!

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DurAcetal is a strong, durable, and stain-resistant resin that provides patients with absolute comfort.

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The Advantalock Partial Dentures were designed to finally provide partial denture patients with excellent retention, security, and esthetics.

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