OC Cosmetic Dental

“Our mission has always been is to provide the highest quality removable and implant restoration available.”

OC Cosmetic Dental Laboratory, Inc. is a distinguished removable dental laboratory located in Orange, California since 1999.  We have a team of 25 highly skilled and trained technicians ready to create the most comfortable, esthetic and functional dental restorations available.  

We are known for our warm friendly, informative, reliable customer service and technical staff.  We have the answer to all your removable prosthetic needs, providing outstanding service to all dental offices. We pride ourselves in quality restorations with a quick turnaround, which is why all work is made in-house in the USA and never outsourced.  We thank all of our existing customers and the years of trusting our services and invite new customers to experience the same.

Steven Rose

President of OC Cosmetic Dental Laboratory

“I have formed a specialized laboratory team skilled to deliver exceptional craftsmanship and service.  We are tailored to fit the needs of dentists and their edentulous patients.  Whether it is a single tooth or a full arch, OC Cosmetic Dental Laboratory has the temporary and long term solutions for all patients.  I encourage all new potential clients to call me and to discuss how we can help your practice.”

OC Cosmetic Dental Laboratory
Dental Makeovers

Steven Rose realized early, the dental industry was his calling.

Working at a dental lab was just to get him through business school at Cal State Fullerton University. Early success kept Steven in the dental industry. He was trained and mentored by a renowned removable technician. By the age of 25, he co-owned OC Cosmetic Dental Lab and helped in the development of several new innovative partial denture designs such as the thermoplastic cast rest seat design and the Advantalock partial. Several of Steven’s case studies have been displayed in multiple major dental publications.

In 2006, he met Dr. Bill Dorfman where he was able to experience a whole new world of dentistry with celebrity patients and numerous extreme makeover shows. In 2010, Steven became associated with Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. He also and became sole owner of OC Cosmetic Dental Lab and several other dental companies, including X Handpiece Systems. Today, Steven is fascinated with new dental laboratory technology, and is growing with implant technology.