OC Cosmetic Transformations

OC Cosmetic Dental Labs proudly contributed alongside Dr. Bill Dorfman to perform dental makeovers. Witness the transformation each of these individuals undergo in regaining their perfect smile.

Also, be sure to visit Dr. Bill Dorfman’s website at http://www.billdorfmandds.com

Dr. Phil Dental Makeover Lisa

Lisa Harper receives a makeover by Dr. Bill Dorfman on the Dr. Phil Show. OC Cosmetic Dental Labs was proud to be apart of her transformation by customizing the perfect denture to make her smile perfect again.

Dental Makeover on The Doctors Cynthia

After going through a rough childhood of being teased, Cynthia is chosen by The Doctors Show for a overall makeover, especially on her Teeth by Dr. Bill Dorfman.

Dental Makeover on The Doctors Mark

The Doctors wanted to see who had the Ugliest Smile in America and found Mark to be the perfect/unperfect candidate. Dr. Bill Dorfman took on the task and transformed Mark’s unsightly teeth into perfection. This dental makeover restored Mark’s youth and his ability to confidently kiss his own wife. OC Cosmetic Dental Labs proudly created the denture for Mark and look forward to helping others achieve that perfect smile.

Dental Makeovers on the Tyra Banks Show Janice & Tracy

Janice and Tracey go through a dental makeover under the care of Dr. Bill Dorfman. Their smiles are brought back to life with the magic of dental surgery. OC Cosmetic Dental Laboratories were proud to contribute by customizing dentures to give these ladies a comfortable fit and natural feel.