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Premium Dentures

At OC Cosmetic Dental Lab, we are known for comfortable and natural-looking dentures. Our formula for beauty is combining high quality materials, aesthetic teeth setups, and experienced craftsmanship. Our technicians always take into account the shape, shade, arrangement of teeth, and the occlusal surface when fabricating a Premium Denture.

Premium Dentures can always be upgraded with porcelain or custom multi-layered composite teeth, which contain a high degree of hardness, density, resistance and shade stability.  A premium multi-layered composite tooth is highly aesthetic and dramatically improves the look and wear of a denture.

Suction-Cup Denture

The Suction-Cup Denture provides an alternative for a more retentive denture. This denture is acrylic-based with a unique soft silicone liner which utilizes a series of small suction cups. It gently grips the oral tissue for additional retention and stability. It is an excellent alternative for the unpopular adhesive material. The Suction-Cup Denture can be used on the maxillary and mandibular arch. Plus, ANY existing acrylic denture can be easily converted to a Suction-Cup with a reline.

Totally Natural Denture

The Totally Natural Denture goes through an injection process which utilizes a special resin. This can be finished much thinner than conventional acrylics. This creates a slender lightweight denture without compromising strength. Also, the translucency of the Totally Natural Denture captures the patient’s natural gum tissue. This creates a beautiful natural look with Durability, comfort & beauty, all in one.

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