Talon or CLEARsplints

Talon or CLEARsplints is best known as the instant-fit nightguard.  The soft thermoplastic resin is unlike any other nightguard on the market because of its acceptance to acrylic and its unique transforming features.  The Talon or CLEARsplints resin becomes soft and pliable when placed in hot water before insertion, but at in-mouth temperature, the Talon or CLEARsplints hardens like a traditional hard nightguard.  The Talon or CLEARsplintss soft nature allows the appliance to form securely and comfortably to the patient’s mouth, virtually eliminating any need for adjustments.  No more wasted time modifying tight spots.  After the initial insertion, it is not necessary to insert the Talon or CLEARsplints in hot water unless a refit is necessary.  The result is a durable, retentive, and comfortable nightguard delivered in a fraction of the usual chair-time.  The Talon or CLEARsplints nightguard is a perfect solution that any patient will appreciate.

Patient Education

  • Implant level impression
  • Opposing impression – if applicable
  • Bite registration – if applicable
  • Tooth shade

CLEARsplints BrochureQuick Chairtime Guide

Hard-Soft Nightguards

You can offer your patients a hard acrylic nightguard with unbelievable comfort and fit. The Hard/ Soft Nightguards have two beneficial ingredients, a hard acrylic outer layer and a soft inner liner for a cozy, snug fit.

Certain patients require the strength and coverage of a traditional hard nightguard, but can not bear to wear them.  The solution is a Hard/Soft Nightguard…a combination of sturdiness and comfort.

Patient Education

Implant Denture Patient Education

Hard Nightguards

Durable crystal clear hard acrylic constructed to your occlusal plane specifications.

OC Anterior Bite Splint

Provides ideal retention and extremely comfortable to wear, covering only six anterior teeth.

Flexite Nightguard

The most durable splint available for serve clenching.  Flexite is made of a biocompatible monomer free thermoplastic. This material absorbs shock unlike conventional hard acrylics.
  • Prevent damage from parafunction (grinding, bruxism of teeth, etc)
  • Protect restorations
  • Alleviates pain and prevents further destruction of healthy teeth.
  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Mobile teeth
  • Start with an accurate, void-free impression.
  • Appliances are constructed to your occlusal plane specifications on the upper and lower arch.

Can be made of hard, soft, or a hard/soft combination of acrylic material

D9940 – Occlusal guard, by report – Removable dental appliances, which are designed to minimize the effects of bruxism (grinding) and other occlusal factors.

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