TCS® Flexible or Valplast®

Valplast® Flexible Partials are strong durable thermoplastics that snap securely and comfortably into place around existing natural teeth. The Valplast is a translucent resin that captures the natural tissue, making them virtually unnoticeable in the mouth. Made from a biocompatible thermoplastic nylon material, Valplast provides optimum strength, and proven durability with a guarantee against breakage. Valplast is the most popular aesthetic partial in the market.


The Elasti-Grip Partial Denture is a unique acrylic-based denture that utilizes soft silicone gaskets that hug around the remaining teeth.  This system provides patients a with gentle and effective retention which is comfortable to wear, because it prevents stress to abutment teeth which are normally caused by metal partials. The Elasti-Grip Partial is an ideal choice for patients with a few isolated, mobile, or periodontically involved teeth. The Elasti-Grip Partial is non-metal, which provides superior aesthetics and creates a natural looking smile.  These partials also restore the natural gum line of patients who suffer severe periodontal symptoms.  Since the Elasti-Grip is acrylic-based, it is easy to add teeth and can even be converted into a full denture.

Case Materials Required

Upper and lower impressions or models
  • Unique elastomeric band
  • Flexible retention without clasps
  • Preserves existing dentition
  • Restores natural gum line
  • Highly esthetic and comfortable

Removable partial dentures

No special tooth or tissue preparation is needed for the Virginia Partial system. Simply send a master cast poured promptly and carefully from an alginate impression along with opposing model and bite registration.

The best impression material to use is polyvinyl or alginate. The powder should be gently stirred from the bottom of the container to the top to redistribute the heavier elements that control shrinkage in the impression. The model should be poured promptly. Most other impression materials compress the tissue too much leading to increased adjustment time.

  • D5211 Maxillary Partial Denture – Resin Base (including any conventional clasps, rests, and teeth. Includes acrylic resin base denture with resin or wrought wire clasps.)
  • D5212 Mandibular Partial Denture – Resin Base (including any conventional clasps, rests, and teeth. Includes acrylic resin base denture with resin or wrought wire clasps.)

Vitallium® 2000

Vitallium™ 2000 chrome cobalt has remained the undisputed premium partial denture alloy for over sixty years. Vitallium 2000 is nickel and beryllium-free and polishes to a brilliant mirrored finish that will be readily accepted by your patients. Our team surveys and designs each partial using your clinical information and personal preferences. Strict attention to detail coupled with quality materials, techniques, and casting equipment results in precise clasp adaptation and retention for each framework.

Perflex Free

Perflex Free is a monomer-free elastic thermoacrylic resin that is 10 times more resilient than conventional acrylics. Perflex Free is designed to naturally blend into patients gum tissue with its translucent and natural color tone for superior aesthetics. Need to add a tooth or acrylic? No problem with Perflex Free it will bond with any chairside acrylics or soft liners. Compared to other thermoplastic partials, Perflex Free is much easier to adjust and polish. Perflex Free is a durable and permanent partial but is often used as upgrade to stayplates for those patients wanting a more aesthetic partial.

  • Flexible partial dentures
  • Duraflex/Cast Partial combo cases’
    • Flexible Base and clasps coupled with the strength of a metal framework
    • Tooth born partial rather than tissue born partial
    • Cast chrome framework fabricated by OA technicians and made in the USA
  • Unilateral partials
  • Temporary healing appliance for implant cases and for patients with largely edentulous spaces
  • Less than 5mm vertical space (unless using metal backing/facing, especially on isolated anterior teeth)
  • Collapsed bites
  • Deep bites where upper anterior cover lower anteriors
  • D5225 – Maxillary partial denture- flexible base including any clasps, rests and teeth
  • D5226 – Mandibular partial denture- flexible base including any clasps, rests and teeth

Acrylic Temporary (Stayplate) with Clear Clasps

When it comes to Acrylic Temp Partials we are always constructing the most functional and aesthetic partials available.  Why settle for metal wrought wire clasps when you can prescribe a more pleasing clear-clasp design.  The clear-clasp design merges in with the abutment teeth and gum tissue to create a natural complete looking smile. No matter how temporary, patients no longer need to suffer with unsightly clasps. Acrylic Temp Partials are the clear option for the natural and comfortable looking smile.


For partial denture patients, it is hard to match the beauty of a DurAcetal tooth-colored clasp. DurAcetal is a strong, durable, and stain-resistant resin that provides patients with absolute comfort.  An advantage of DurAcetal clasps is that they can be added to acrylic, nylon and chrome partials.

Advantalock Denture

Would you believe that you could get all the benefits comparable to an implant case in a removable partial denture? It’s true! The newly designed Advantalock Partial gives you this. It will completely change the way you look at partial dentures. The Advantalock Partial was designed to finally provide partial denture patients with excellent retention, security, and esthetics.

The Advantalock Partial is a two-piece partial system. The Advantalock system has two main components: the base assembly with a Hader bar cast on the framework, and the Advantalock clip. There are many benefits of this two-piece system. First, it has eliminated the need for any metal or thermoplastic clasps, leaving your patient with a truly natural-looking smile. Plus, unlike the sometimes difficult-to-adjust thermoplastics, the Advantalock design uses an acrylic resin with a Vitallium framework. This makes it much easier to adjust. Additionally, patients can enjoy eating any type of food without fear of the partial being dislodged. The Advantalock Partial also practically eliminates a patient’s problems with food trapping underneath his or her partial dentures.

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